Let's Korea!

While doing nothing this first Eid, I decided to brush up my vocal and Youtubeing some karaoke of my favourite songs.

But before I can even start to warm up my voice (fyi, I sing for fun only, not a singer tho), I stumbled on this one ads that really glued my sight.

I'm not really that kind of contest hunter but once in a while, I like to try on my luck by participating some promising contest. Especially when the prizes are travelling to another countries, it's really pumping me up.

One thing, especially when the contest don't get me into hassle, then why not? And this one does! It's a super simple contest, just filling the form and if you win, South Korea is waiting for you.

I always wanted to go to Korea especially when I heard the country has so many beautiful places. Watched dramas and films from the country also triggered me to go there becoz I just love their language! (not intended to really learn it, more just love to listen them speaking)

Plus, I heard that Seoul is like a shopping heaven. Although I'm not that one of a shopaholic persons, but I imagining I can find so many good things there for me. (hope so!)

But the point is, I would like everyone else try this contest. Who knows you're the lucky one. Well, I don't really have interest by doing this (not appointed to blog this by anyone) it's just that I love to share good things. ;)))

So, this is it. First thing first, go to this website Tour Imagination, register yourself, and fill the form! Easy one, no worries!

Amusing right?!

The form.

Even listed are the itinerary for the trip later and there's another contest going on at that site. So, it's your turn!

Not putting high hopes to get selected but yeah, I do hope I'm the lucky one.

BTW, to all muslims, Selamat Hari Raya/Blessed Eid!!!

The Fault In Our Stars sucks big time!

If you think of disagree with the title, stop right there. I'm not going to condemn the talk-of-the-town movie right now The Fault In Our Stars. Why? Because personally me myself loved it!

Anyway, to be honest I bought the novel by John Green long ago way before it gets overrated and I'm sure there are fews bought the book after knowing it was filming onto movie.

Somehow, I kinda worried if the film gonna be a failure since the novel itself already sooo damn good!

I got more excited and can't wait to watch the movie directed by Josh Boone and went to the cinema recently. I guess, the excitement will be more if you go watching it with your loved one and for me, I went just alone. tsk tsk

I had heard several reviews before that and was told it's gonna be so tearful. Indeed it was maybe because I read it on novel before, that's why I can relate to every scenes and can feel their emotions at all time.

One thing, the both main casts Shailene Woodley as Hazel and Ansel Elgort as Gus apparently did well as per I know they are both newcomers.

Yup, no doubt there are bunches of things not included into the movie but still, the plot is well-planned, the casts are awesome and most of all, I love when it was directed effortlessly. It's feel real, not exaggerated, and was pictured brilliantly a normal life.

But maybe those who not yet read the book will finding it hard to get into the story and I actually got few totally different reviews from others.

A friend of mine can't take it at all, said it was sucks big time and listed the things she didn't like about it. Not few, many factors. On the other hand, a friend apparently sooo loving it and said he cried like four times the whole movie. FYI, both never read the book.

So I guess, I will still stick to that thought that ones should reserve his/her personal opinion to himself/herself only and never feel bad of recommending tho.

Love, love, love the book! Thank you for your beautiful masterpiece John Green.

In cinema now! 
(photo courtesy: Google)

Hi Sydney!

Traveling has been part of my life now. Yes, thanks to my job again I get to go even places I thought I can't afford to go for the rest of my life.

Recently, I went to Sydney for working purpose and as always I tried hard to make it feel like a real traveling experience. Been to Switzerland, Germany, Taiwan, India, Singapore & Thailand taught me so many new things about travel.

But I guess it's not that adventurous in Sydney since the time was so limited. So, the 'adventurous' thing I did was exploring the city on my own. Obviously, Sydney is a very nice place where you can really feel super safe but most probably the thing I loved the most was because it's winter now there.

I don't really have to flag onto any taxi to get somewhere since the temperature itself is already cold. I enjoyed walking around in the coldness without sweating and feel tired.

Beside the temperature, it was nice to see antic buildings everywhere, nice places to eat and lot of malls to shop. BTW, I stayed at Holiday Inn in Chinatown and I think it is a very strategic place to stay.

I think I just covered not even 5% of Sydney and definitely would like to come back again. Peoples there also super nice and really helpful.

So basically, what I did during the trip were dining at the famous restaurant Hurricane's Grill Steakhouses, trying pancakes at Pancakes on the Rocks, took some shots at Sydney Opera House (so tourist....gahhh!), invading Chinatown and lastly accidently shopped some shoes (I'm a shoe lover fyi).

 Studying the map on my 1st day.

Found a fresco after my name while wandering around waiting to be seated at Hurricanes Grill Steakhouses. Ain't it cool?!! *facepalm*

 Amazing night view + the coldness, perfect!

 Mesmerized by the architecture of Queen Victoria Building.

 The shot I cannot wait and must to take.

 Just breathtaking. Sydney cove.

 The very last item I purchased. It's from Topshop at AUD40.

 Guess how much this is?...................Just AUD15 (MYR45). Worth  it!

Lorde's big hug!

Hey blog.

I'm glad knowing that i was born as a big dreamer even up until now, dreaming wild and outta world are kind of my everyday routine.

For me, I want to change entirely the concept of 'ridiculous' into 'possible' and I know someday my hard-works will be paid off.

Coming from countryside where there's nothing really you can do, that was how it all started. Of course we were exposed with everything going on in the world. the problem is, we only get to witness and enjoyed it through watching TV.

And I'm lucky enough managed to get out from my hometown and explore more the outside world plus get to earned my dream job. *onedreamaccomplished*

Being a music lover since kid, meeting your idol definitely one thing that we must achieve in life. No matter meeting her/him/them in personal or go to their concert or win 'meet & greet' passes, at least we must accomplished ones.

Thanks to my job in particular, I done meeting a lot of big names in world's music scene. But I would never forget this one when I almost losing hope of meeting her.

No doubt, Lorde is one of the greatest singer-songwriter ever existed so far. The moment I heard Royals not so long ago, I knew that young girl is really special by just analyzing her sound.

It happened that she's on tour in Australia which supposed to be done around April to June this year. Luckily she postponed it to recently in this month.

When I said I almost losing hope, at first I'm not the one supposed to be sent to her concert in Sydney last July 12. But due to been postponed, my colleague decided to pull off from the trip. And as for me, I've been praying hard wishing I can fill the spot after he decided not to go and I got sent.

During the concert at Hordern Pavilion, I can't even describe how awesome and amazing Lorde on stage. She may be alone (regardless the band at the back) but she nailed it!

Right after the concert done, we were brought to backstage or I think it's more a holding room for 'meet & greet' session. At first, I thought there will be bunches of fans joining the session apparently not. Only Malaysian group which were only 5 of us given the privilege to meet her.

Surely I'm nervous not knowing how she is in person but what had happened was totally unforgettable. Lorde obviously so friendly in person, she's easygoing, she's a hugger, she's fun, she's awesomazing! She's even said she like my glasses. *wink*

Well, up till now I can't believe I actually already met her since all this while I think this would never happens. Thanks for the hugs Lorde and hope to meet you again soon!

Here is the moment!!!

Oh, btw I'm on Instagram now. Do follow me @georgie_joseph.

Sampai juga India.

Aduinaa. Punyala nda ada masa mau lawat2 nih blog suda. Siou ah yang sentiasa tunggu update sa. Haha. Kalau adalah.
   Ok, ni kali saya mau cerita pasal trip sa pigi India baru-baru nih. Padahal kan, sa nda pernah tefikir pun mau pigi tu negara. Pernah lagi saya cakap sama diri-sendiri, sa nda akan jejak pun India. Nah, last2 tepigi juga.
   Kawan ofis sa la bah nih yang berabis membawa. Ngam2 dia pun pernah pigi juga dan bila dia cerita pengalaman dia di sana, trus sa pula yang begatar mau pigi ah.
   Oklah, trus pigi point asal. Mau tau kan, dekat sudah sa nda tepigi sana coz tetinggal flight time sa mau pigi KL dari KK aritu.
   Kami naik AirAsia turun di Kolkata. lepas tu, di sana kami stay dua malam padahal plan asal hari kedua mau pigi trus di Agra yang ada Taj Mahal tu. Tapi, tiket kretapi habis nih. Sadis. Haha.
   Teda apa-apa sangat kalau di Kolkata jadi di sana kami jalan-jalan biasa sajalah.
   Paling sandi time kami naik train 20 jam dari Kolkata pigi Agra. Nda taulah saya mau cakap pengalaman paling pahit ka nda tapi mimang sengsara bah dalam train, teda aircon lagi, panas lagi, trus bercampur lagi sama urang durg yang macam2 kerenah. Nasib baik nda bau. Tapi, tu kepanasan ba, 47 darjah celcius kan, memang air sejuk pun trus jadi air suam ba.
   Tapi bila sampai Agra, mimang paling sioklah tu feel. Saya masih nda percaya sudah jejak kaki dalam Taj Mahal, antara tujuh keajaiban di dunia. Susah mau explain tu perasaan melainkan sendiri sudah ada dalam tu bangunan. Magik nih, macamanalah urang dorang dulu2 bulih buat rekaan telampau cantik macam tu sekali. Very detail bah.
   Lepas satu malam di Agra, trus kami naik train pigi New Delhi pula. Ni kali, train yang kami naik mimang orang kaya punya train, jadi tedalah mau komplain2. Haha. Satu malam ja kami di Delhi sebab bisuk pagi trus kami fly pigi Srinagar pula.
   Sampai Srinagar, tekajut nih pulis di mana2. Kedai2 pun tutup semuanya. Tapi sioklah di sana sebab bersih sikit (sikit jakla.masih ada habuk2), tapi yang paling best, macam rasa bukan di India pula di sana. Habis urang dia semua yang patern2 urg Pakistan tapi high-class punyala. Mata biru, hijau, coklat, semua bulih jumpa di sana.
   Macam2 kami buat di Srinagar. Kami tinggal di Kashmir 4 hari dan pi lawat dua tempat, Pahalgam sama Gulmarg. Since dua2 tu tempat jauh (3jam mau pigi) dari Kahsmir, jadi kami spend satu hari untuk satu tempat.
   Sioklah Kashmir. Urang dia bagus2, mimang senang mau buat kawan. Walaupun ada jugalah yang macam mau kawan2 sebab jual barang atau bisnes2 lain, tapi dorg approach bagus2.
   Last day, kami balik pigi New Delhi. Kunun mau berjimba lah, tapi punya susah mau cari tempat yang happening. Last2, pigi mall juga kami trus tershopping ni. Haha.
   12 hari sana, paling siok dan mimang sa mau pigi lagi lepas nih. Tapi ni kali mau pigi time musim sajuk pulalah. Coz  nda ketahanan betul kalau musim panas. Tekupas-kupas nih kulit muka.
   Bah, nda lengkap kan kalau nda show-off gambar2 time di sana. Nah!

 Bandar Kolkata.

 Sadap nih. Masal udang sama roti parantha.

 Dalam Agra Fort. Istana di Agra.

 Gambar dulu sebelum masuk Agra Fort.

 Main salji di Gulmarg.

 Nih mimang mimpi jadi kenyataan.

 Tempat buat kasut di New Delhi.

 Rumah bot di Kashmir, Srinagar.

 Menara di muzim kretapi, Kolkata.

 Pintu kubah dalam tu AGra Fort.

 Gila nih dua urang tapi banyak tolong kami di Kashmir.

Nah. Susah nih kami naik p atas. Kesakitan buntut naik kuda. Curam lagi tu jalan. Di Pahalgam nih.

Bah, siapa yang kunun nda mau pigi India tu, sa cakap lah mimang rugi. Kalau ada yang mau pigi dalam masa terdekat, jan malu2 minta tips sama sa. Aiseh.


Injak Tempat Urang Putih

Ada sorang kawan tegur haritu, dia bilang kenapa blog sa guna bahasa Melayu standard? Dia bilang bagus lagi kalau sa tulis guna bahasa Sabah. Bila sa fikir2 balik, betul juga apa dia bilang tu. Jadi, mulai sekarang, saya akan start tulis dalam bahasa Sabah campur2lah, ok ka? Ba, kasi ok sijalah kan. ;)

Sa baru balik dari oversea ba kunun nih dan talampau panat sebab belasan jam dalam kapal terbang. Tapi, sa happy butul habis akhirnya tercapai juga impian mau pi negara urang putih. Bukan mau meninggi diri, tetapi at least sekarang nih ada suda pengalaman sa yang bulih crita sama famili, orang tersayang, kawan2 tercinta dan adik2 macamana sebenarnya di sana.

Mau hampir 10 hari di Jerman, apa yang bulih sa cakap, memang tidak akan sa lupakan nih pengalaman. 1st time lagi tu saya dapat nih peluang. Bagi sa tidak kisahlah camana tu rezeki datang, tapi bila sudah sampai di sana, jangan sia2kan peluang untuk mendalami tu tempat.

Tapi itulah, sa masih lagi kepanatan nih, mata pun kuyu2 sudah, jadi tunggu sajalah nanti sa post gambar2 sa sepanjang berada di tiga negara lain2. Dua ja ba sebenarnya, tapi terpijak London sekejap pun, kira bulih kambang la ba kan.

kualiti vs populariti

Hellooo!!! Gila lama tak update blog nih. Sibuk tidak terkata life kebelakangan ini. Entri terakhir pun tengoklah bila tu. Tekejar-kejar sampai tak lepas tangan nak siapkan keja. Barulah merasa 'nikmat' sebenar dunia pekerjaan. Dulu bolehlah nak malas2 coz time tuh memang tak enjoy fun. Tapi sekarang, at least penat tuh berbaloi.

Oklah, sebagai pembuka lembaran untuk kemunculan kembali saya dalam arena blogging2 nih, saya berminat untuk membuat perbandingan antara produk-produk milktea yang meletup-letup sekarang nih. Kalau di KL, which is tempat bertapa saya sekarang nih, Chatime adalah ranking no. 1 dan kalau tengok dalam Twitter ker Facebook ker, status BBM ke Whatsapp ker, memang tak sah kalo kawan2 tak update pasal Chatime nih.

Saya pun memang penggemar Chatime sejak a close friend of mine perkenalkan benda nih tidak lama dulu. Tiap kali pegi mana2 mall, mesti kena beli at least satu Milky pearl Tea. Selalu minta yang regular jer harga RM5.90. Favret tuhhh! Kalau di KL laaa.

Tapi kan kalau nak tau satu fact, benda macam nih dah lama giler popular kat Kota Kinabalu (KK). Kalau di KK yang paling meletup brand nama YOYO. Dulu murah giler harga dia. Kalau plain, RM2.50 dan kalau tambah pearl caj 30 sen. Last time beli minuman tuh, harga dah naik RM3.30 untuk yang plain jer. Tapi, one thing for sure, memang rasa dia beza ngan Chatime punya produk. Surprisingly, lagi sedap.

Kalau berpeluang ke KK, cubalah YOYO. Memang popular giler2 kat sana. Bila tiba-tiba nama Chatime naik kat sini, rindu pula nak rasa milky tea versi KK pulak.



Siapa tekak haus di KL, try Chatime! Kalau yang di KK tu, apalagi, YOYO kita ging! :)